City of Aurora Development Application Review

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Type Phase Title Date Resubmit View
Case Files - Applicant Response - Technical Review Comments1Need 3rd SubmResponse To Comments and Response Letter5/13/2024
Case Files - CorrespondenceNeed 3rd SubmLegal Description - PLANNING AREA #3-2024.05.095/13/2024
Case Files - Legal DescriptionNeed 3rd SubmLegal Description - PLANNING AREA #2-2024.05.095/13/2024
Master Plan - Traffic Impact StudyNeed 3rd Subm23087_Gun Club Business Park Traffic Study_2024-055/13/2024
Site Plans - Grading PlanNeed 3rd SubmTab 14 - Crippen Master Utility Report 2024.05.08 5/13/2024
FDPs - Tab13Need 3rd SubmTAB 13 - PIP5/13/2024
FDPs - Tab9Need 3rd SubmTab 9 - Open Space, Circulation, Neighborhood Plan5/13/2024
FDPs - Tab8Need 3rd SubmTab 8 - Land Use Map and Matrix5/13/2024
FDPs - Tab7Need 3rd SubmTab 7 - Public Art Plan5/13/2024
FDPs - Tab3Need 3rd SubmTab-3 Context Map5/13/2024
FDPs - Tab1Need 3rd SubmTab-1 Letter of Introduction5/13/2024
Case Files - 2nd Review Comments Need 3rd Subm2nd Review Comments4/24/2024
Case Files - Applicant Response - 1st Review Comments Need 2nd SubmTAB 5 - Response to Comments4/2/2024
FDPs - Tab12Need 2nd SubmTAB 12 - ARCHITECTURAL STANDARDS4/2/2024
FDPs - Tab11Need 2nd SubmTAB 11 - LANDSCAPE STANDARDS4/2/2024
FDPs - Tab10Need 2nd SubmTAB 10 - URBAN DESIGN STANDARDS4/2/2024
FDPs - Tab6Need 2nd SubmTAB 6 - MASTER PLAN NARRATIVE4/2/2024
FDPs - Tab4Need 2nd SubmTAB 4 - SITE ANALYSIS NARRATIVE4/2/2024
Case Files - 1st Review Comments Need 2nd Subm1st Review Comments1/22/2024
Case Files - Acceptance Letter1st Referral SentAcceptance Letter12/28/2023
Case Files - Referral Memo1st Referral SentReferral Memo12/28/2023
Site Plans - Mineral Right AffidavitSubmit ApplicationMineral Rights Affidavit11/30/2023
Site Plans - Alta SurveySubmit ApplicationALTA Survey11/30/2023
Case Files - Title WorkSubmit ApplicationTitle Commitment11/30/2023
Master Plan - Master Utilities PlanSubmit ApplicationUtilities PreAcceptance Checklist11/30/2023
FDPs - Tab14Submit ApplicationMaster Utility Report11/30/2023
Case Files - Response to Pre-app notesSubmit ApplicationResponse to pre-app comments11/30/2023
Site Plans - Owner's Authorization LetterSubmit ApplicationOwner's Authorization Letter11/30/2023